S.E.E.D (Support and Education for Eating Disorders) is a registered charity based in Preston, serving Lancashire and the North West of England. S.E.E.D was founded in 2007 by Chief Executive Shelley Perry to provide a network of support for sufferers of eating/food/weight related issues and their family members, carers, friends etc.


We are the only service of this kind in Lancashire, with S.E.E.D providing information, advice, education, resources, training and practical help for anyone affected by or supporting individuals with eating disorders.

Our Aims:

  • To provide a network of support for sufferers of eating/food/weight related issues and their carers in a safe and confidential environment
  • To provide information, advice, education, resources and practical help for sufferers and their carers which will help:
    • To foster healthy lifestyles towards achieving independence and improved quality of life
    • To be self-help focused

S.E.E.D implements the following services to achieve these aims:

  • Provide a regular point of contact for sufferers and their carers
  • Provide information and advice packs with a Lancashire focus
  • Hold regular self-help group meetings for sufferers and their carers in community settings
  • Provide educational and therapeutic experiences in addition to the self-help groups
  • Offer opportunities for those in recovery to gain skills and build confidence
  • Influence policy/interventions through networks
  • Provide an online chat and email service through our website.
  • Conduct research in order to assess local needs
  • Young Peoples Project – promoting positive self-esteem and body image and delivering interactive workshops from 1 hour to 1 day
  • Provide bespoke training for professionals on how to identify signs and symptoms of eating disorders and what assists GPs, nurses, therapists, schools teachers and lecturers.

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