About Us

Mission Statement:

S.E.E.D is dedicated to raising awareness about eating disorders in Lancashire and the North West of England by providing information, resources, education, training and support for everyone affected by eating disorders and/or working with eating disorders.


We acknowledge that the symptoms of eating disorders are an expression of deeper emotional needs. We believe that people suffering with an eating disorder can get better; that there is help available and this help should be freely accessible.


Our logo represents our belief that with guidance and encouragement an individual can grow, develop and flourish.


Our History:

S.E.E.D was founded in 2007 by our Chief Executive Director Shelley Perry, and the organisation is based on Christian values to support those suffering with eating disorders and people affected by eating disorders. We are a volunteer led organisation, consisting of volunteers who have a passion to raise awareness for mental health and eating disorders. Some of our volunteers have recovered from eating disorder themselves or have previously been carers for those with an eating disorder. We strongly believe that people suffering with an eating disorder can get better, and that full recovery is possible.


Faith Statement:

We believe:

  • There is one God, who exists forever in Three Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • That Jesus Christ is our personal saviour. He had a virgin birth, led a sinless life, performed many miracles and died on our behalf. He was resurrected and ascended to his Father and will come again
  • In the healing power and ministry of the Holy Spirit
  • That the Bible in the infallible, authoritative Word of God
  • That man was created in God’s image but that through sin we need to receive God’s mercy through the redemptive power of Jesus
  • Our salvation comes through repentance towards God and faith in Jesus.
  • That the Church is a manifestation in spiritual unity of all believers in Jesus


S.E.E.D is a non-denominational organisation and does not restrict access of its services to anyone of a particular faith group. All committee members are required to endorse our statement of faith along with the group leaders. Our steering group and all other volunteers are not necessarily required to endorse our statement of faith but are asked to be sympathetic and respectful of the Christian ethos of the organisation.


S.E.E.D is inclusive and offer support, advice and information for all. Our ethos is in line with the NHS constitution and values as we believe that every individual in need deserves help regardless of race, religion, ethnicity and background and that everybody’s life is important, and is of value. We have a commitment to delivering a safe space for people to be supported in their situation and have someone to walk alongside them in their recovery.


Shelley PerryFounder and Chief Executive 



I am a multi-award winning nurse social entrepreneur with a vision for providing eating disorder, weight management and mental health interventions that work. I am a mum and a Christian and passionate about most things I do or don’t do! I am an ambitious, motivated, preceptive and conscientious person in any work activity undertaken; I pay attention to detail and work from a ‘how could it be better approach’. My background is in nursing, but I have a general interest in health, nutrition and addiction. My specialist interest is in eating disorders and psychotherapeutic interventions.


I am a practicing Christian and actively involved in Crossgate Church in Preston, formerly Longton Community Church in Penwortham. I am an active member of the Christian community and this faith underpins most things I do.