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Eating Disorder Statistics


Self Esteem and Body Image workshops for Young People

We have a Young People’s Outreach Project promoting positive self-esteem and body image and delivering interactive workshops from 1 hour to 1 day.


1 Hour session:

This consists of an interactive educational workshop, focused around the effects of airbrushing in the media on self-esteem and realistic expectations of body image.


2 Hour session:

This is a more in depth session, also looking at celebrities and individual attributes of each student.


Full day session:

This is the above 2 hour workshop, also with a 2 hour dance and drama session in the afternoon, focusing on each individual’s talents and gifts, whilst looking at peer support and enhancement of each other’s self-esteem.


Training for Teachers, GP’s and Health Professionals

We offer bespoke training for professionals on how to identify signs and symptoms of eating disorders to assist GP’s, Nurses, Therapists, School Teachers and Lecturers.

The training we offer is:

  • Eating Disorders and Aspergers
  • Eating Disorder Awareness Level 1
  • Eating Disorder Awareness Level 2
  • Eating Disorder Awareness Level 3
  • Support Group/Carers Group Facilitators for Eating Disorders
  • Eating Disorders and Self Harm
  • Eating Disorders and Personality Disorders
  • Putting the NICE Quality Standard into Practice
  • A Person Centred, Holistic and Evidence Based Model of Treatment in Eating Disorders
  • Medical and Physical Problems in Eating Disorders

Please contact us for more information and prices.

We are also actively raising awareness though hosting events in and around Lancashire and visiting local schools, colleges and universities; we also work with the NCS projects annually.