Effective coping skills for eating disorder recovery

Effective coping skills for eating disorder recovery

Knowing coping strategies and skills during treatment for an eating disorders can be very useful. Being self-aware and finding a healthy way to cope helps achieve positive mental health and wellbeing. Having more than one coping strategy can be useful as different ones can be used in different situations. Finding skills that suit you is important so that you feel comfortable when doing it. These can be things that you haven’t read or been advised about, but you have discovered work for you!


Having an involvement in activities you are passionate about and that interest you, is a very effective skill as it boosts your self-esteem brings enjoyment.

Be artistic! Art can be very relaxing as it allows you to do whatever you want there are no guidelines or rights and wrongs. I found art useful during recovery as it allowed the creative part off my brain, which had switched off to switch on again. Others around me noticed when I had done art therapy for the next hour or so after my mood seemed to be much better than usual.

Positive affirmations 

Positive affirmations are a very important tool when overcoming an eating disorder. By choosing at least one positive affirmation to say to yourself daily you are able to silence the negative thinking which will help build new strengths and self-awareness. If you have a negative thought by saying a positive affirmation off your choice you can catch that thought and replace it with a positive one. 

Deep Breathing

Although breathing may seem obvious it is taken for granted how effective it can be. The best way to calm anxiety really is breathing deeply. It allows the heart to steady its pace again you then will find yourself calming down. Just by focusing on nothing but your breath!

Spending time with friends and family

Spending time with your friends and family gives you chance to take your mind off other things and enjoy spending time with them. When you feel like you are struggling the closest people to you can be the easiest to talk to and talking about your struggles helps. Having people close to you when recovering from an eating disorder such as your family is very important. As it gives them a bigger understanding which allows them to contribute in helping you cope.