Gathered Voices and Supporting Acts Choir Night

Gathered Voices and Supporting Acts Choir Night

What a night.








Gathered Voices and Blackburn People’s Choir came together to put on a brilliant choir evening in aid of eating disorders and mental health, raising funds and awareness for SEED. Both choirs took the roof off New Longton Methodist Church and the involvement from the choirmaster with the audience made it a night out to remember! Certainly, anybody in the vicinity of the building would have heard the brilliant sound.

Gathered Voices, a choir joined together in harmony, is a local community choir with over 50 members that come together to sing. More specifically, sing every Tuesday morning at 9.30 am at their new location, New Longton Methodist Church. However, if you’re not quite ready to sing in a choir – tea and cake is at 10.30 am!

Gathered Voices have members of a wide range of ages and sing ‘a capella’ (without instrumental additions to all those non-musical folk!) with four parts. The choir sings songs from gospel to pop, and Classical to Christmas, so not only is it guaranteed they’ll be something in their set that you’ll love but at any time of the year. Gathered Voices are a welcoming choir – not only in their smiles to their audience – but to fellow members within the choir, as the choirmaster highlighted that newest members joined straight in the group and were performing this evening.

By the way, they’re looking for new members to join the friendly bunch all the time!

Especially as they have recently relocated and want to fill the church hall with more friendly faces. I hear that New Longton is the place to find these people!

Blackburn People’s Choir also travelled up the sunny Preston (or rather rainy New Longton) and performed a brilliant set including the popular song ‘Sway’ with a gentle move to the left, and move to right, with a twinkle in their eye. They also delivered a great version of ‘Here Comes the Sun’ and a very moving version of the popular ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay which was lovely to listen to, as well as the sincerity and integrity of the choir members when singing.






Blackburn People’s Choir and Gathered Voices then came together to perform ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow to complete the evening and after an encore performed one song more. I have never enjoyed such a performance of choral music as I have this evening; not only were we able to share the good work of SEED and further increase awareness of the charity’s services but listen to brilliant choral music and connect members of our community.


I hope you were able to join us this evening and if not, keep your eyes peeled for events coming up in the near future.


Many thanks, and thanks again, to Musical Director, Jeff Borradaile, who trains and conducts both choirs separately and brought them both to this evening. Jeff was an excellent compare throughout the evening and a pleasure to be in the company of. We wish both Jeff and his choirs all the best in their upcoming rehearsals and are excited to work together in the future.


Again, there is not much more to share. But, what a night.


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