At S.E.E.D, we have lots of volunteers and facilitators that help us run our Support Groups, Carer’s Clinic and Drop In sessions, as well as marketing volunteers that work alongside our team writing blog posts and creating social media content. As a charity, we value their time and work very highly, as their contribution enables us to fulfil our mission of providing a network of support for sufferers of eating, food and weight related issues. We are proud of our volunteers and facilitators, so we want to introduce them here to help you put a face to a name when accessing our services.


Zahra Moreea – Services Coordinator/ Manager at S.E.E.D 

Zahra joined S.E.E.D as a Facilitator 4 years ago. She explains “I love being able to help people find the tools they need to map out their recovery journey. I’ve facilitated our Drop-In service, Carer’s Clinic and currently still facilitate our Support Group service.”

Zahra’s role as Team Leader is to look after all of S.E.E.D’s support services as a whole, and the team of facilitators that run our groups. She also provides the Eating Disorder Training workshops to all the new facilitators and clinicians here at S.E.E.D and Breathe, helping our team to understand the field and how their skills fit when providing treatment or support.

Outside of her voluntary work with S.E.E.D, Zahra works full-time as an Assistant Psychologist in a specialist Adult Forensic Learning Disabilities and Autism service.

She is very passionate about working in the mental healthcare sector; “I have previously worked in the community and on in-patient mental health units across Lancashire. Recently, I worked on a Women’s Enhanced Medium Secure Service as an Assistant Psychologist.”

Zahra has completed her BSc (Hons) Psychology degree a few years ago, and is now a graduate member of the British Psychological Society (BPS). “I have also recently completed the National Centre for Eating Disorders (NCFED) Master Practitioner programme, to further improve my knowledge and use evidence-based practice to effectively provide help and support to people that are struggling with the challenges that an eating disorder brings.”

Aside from being passionate about mental health and wellbeing, Zahra loves poetry and make-up! “I am always happy to chat; I haven’t yet found a better way to make myself or others feel better than by talking!”


Drop-In Facilitators:


Safeera Baporia – Drop-In Facilitator/Clinical Psychology Placement Student

Hello, My name is Safeera. I have just recently joined S.E.E.D and I’m looking forward to help facilitate the Drop-In sessions held on Fridays from 1-3pm!


Katie Duffy – Drop-In Facilitator/ Placement Student 

My name is Katie Duffy. I am currently studying Clinical Psychology at masters level in the University of Central Lancashire. I am from Ireland but I’m living in Liverpool and I will be helping to facilitate the support drop-ins online. I am passionate about helping others and I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I am looking forward to working with SEED and I think this will be a valuable and very worthwhile experience.


Support Group/Carers’ Information and Advice Clinic


Emma Rose – Group Facilitator

My name is Emma, I enjoy all things nerdy and love all things nature. I believe in SEED and want to be a part of something which has supported some of my dearest loved ones.


Laura Wilkinson – Group Facilitator / Clinical Psychology Placement Student 

I’m Laura and I’m going to be facilitating the support groups and the carers’ information and advice clinics on Friday evenings. I believe these groups offer extremely valuable support to those who may be struggling and I am passionate about helping to deliver this support!


Marina Tavernaraki – Group Facilitator Clinical Psychology Placement


A psychology graduate making a master’s degree with a specialization in clinical psychology and a prospect PhD candidate. My goal is to gain the experience and expertise to help people to make a difference in their lives and positively impact their way of feeling, thinking, and behaving. Previous practical experiences are related to children’s counseling as well as counseling support to drug addiction patients.




If you are  interested in volunteering with us with facilitating support groups and working on our fundraising events, email us at: hello@seedlancashire.co.uk.