Qualified Therapists Wanted

Like many organisations, we have felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but more importantly so have our users. The restrictions Covid-19 has put upon those at risk has affected our ability to continue supporting people with mental health needs, who are now, sadly, deprived of their counselling sessions at a time of great difficulty, through no fault of their own.

We Need Your Help!

Qualified Therapists Wanted

Unfortunately, some of our counsellors and therapists have had to step down from their roles temporarily, through family commitments, their contracts through partner agencies, or for health reasons. However, we now need therapists more than ever to support vulnerable service users who are at risk of feeling abandoned, having lost their one sustainable source of mental health support.

This message is an appeal to any qualified therapists who are currently available and willing to use their unique skills to help those in need through a troubled period of isolation and uncertainty. Donating your time and services to our vulnerable clients would be a great way to do good during this crisis.

With your time and skills, those individuals who have been left in need will be able to regain a level of security and support in their lives. The skills you possess could sustain the lives of those whose suffering might otherwise go untreated, or prevent relapse of those who have worked so hard to get this far in their recovery journeys.

Offering your services on a voluntary basis is a wonderful, altruistic, means of combating the wider mental health ramifications of the coronavirus crisis, and will never be forgotten by those you will be reaching out to.

If you feel you could help, please give us a call on 01772 915 735 or email hello@seedlancashire.co.uk and we’d love to learn more about what you could offer.