S.E.E.D's Ambassador

April is the current Ms Great Britain 2020, and is now a S.E.E.D ambassador! She has a connection to the charity, as she overcame an eating disorder herself which begun at the age of 8 and lasted for 8 years. April has now recovered, with support and help from her family.

Not only is she Ms Great Britain 2020, but she also works as a bridal stylist and designer. She was nominated as Britain’s Top Designer finalist, and showcased her collection twice at London Fashion Week.

April explains “I hope to inspire others to fulfil their dreams and ambitions, to never give up, and always believe in yourself”

The team at S.E.E.D are thrilled to have April on board to help spread awareness of eating disorders, educate and empower people to ask for support when they need it. We look forward to hosting future fundraising events with the help of April, such as our fashion show in February 2021.

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