#selfcare and #wellbeing: Why it's important to make time for yourself

In a time where life can feel it’s moving at 100mph and we are constantly spinning lots of plates just to make it through the day it is becoming more important that we learn to take some “me-time” and practise some Self-Care.

As a single parent, owner of 2 dogs, a house, a full time job and trying to study a lot of my time is about giving myself and my time to other people. I forgot about myself. I realised that if I was to function and be at my best I needed to start taking some time for myself. At first I felt it was selfish but overtime I have realised how important it is. As part of my week I now incorporate a weekly exercise class and I take time out to enjoy my new found hobby – sewing! My most recent make is a soft and cuddly bunny teddy 😍.

There are lots of resources, tips and advice but the main thing is to set aside some time to do something you enjoy!

It would be great to hear some of what you do and enjoy doing? It may help inspire others so feel free to leave us some ideas in the comments…..😀. I have put a picture of my bunny I made….☺